I am a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg, with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art. My studies focused on Game Art & Design, which concentrated heavily on 2D and 3D art production. The classes I took ranged from the basic art and design classes, to video and sound editing, to advanced 3D and game engine asset creation. Throughout the courses, I learned programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, 3D Studio Max, Audition, Premier, After Effects, and many others. I have continued to use these programs even after my education there ended and proceeded to learn new programs on my own, such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Maya. The art field is something I am very passionate about, and I wish to build my career upon it.

I currently work at Luttrell Engraving as a Graphic Artist. I arrange artwork on layouts for corrugated boxes and make sure everything is up to standard for the printing specifications. It is a very fast paced environment that often requires fast turn around times. I am also a freelance Graphic Designer for The Lucky Monk restaurant and help them out with any menu updates or promotional material they may require.

My work with LostLevel.com, a website my friend created, promoted my creativity through verbal, written, and visual mean. It has allowed me an avenue to better express myself through opining on the latest news in video games and movies. It has also let me share breaking news stories while utilizing WordPress in ways that I hope our visitors find fun and entertaining to read. Finally, creating images to promote our weekly podcast and designing the occasional logo has encouraged me to hone my artistic skills.

I like comics, video games, movies, music, T.V., books… basically all forms of creative expression and entertainment.

Oh! I’ve also had my picture taken with Stan Lee. It was kind of awesome.